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Anam Cara Dance Company

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Email at booking@anamcaradance.com for questions or more information, or to reserve your space in class.

Price: $80 for an 8-week session or $45 for a 4-week session (valid for Level 1 ONLY)

Foothills Stone Yoga Studio, 4415 Eldridge Rd, Golden, CO  80403

Class Description

Tribal Basics 1 – This beginner class introduces the basic vocabulary of tribal style belly dance, including posture, isolations, moves, and formations. You learn to communicate with your body and start to gain knowledge of the tribal belly dance vocabulary and moves.

Tribal Basics 2 – This class builds on the information learned in Tribal Basics 1, and focuses on expanding the tribal belly dance vocabulary and refining  basic moves. Class material includes additional improvisational moves,  formations, and combinations. You will learn to string moves together to  create beautiful improvisational dances, thereby building your  confidence in group improvisation. You must complete at least one Tribal  Basics 1 session and have instructor approval to enroll in Tribal  Basics 2.

Tribal Basics 3 – In this class, you will continue to master tribal improvisation and learn intermediate isolations, moves, combinations, and formations in order to build more interesting chemistry and interaction between dancers. At this level, students rely on each other in order to progress as a group; therefore, students are expected to maintain a solid competency in the material learned in Tribal Basics 1 and 2. You must have completed Tribal Basics 1 and several sessions of Tribal Basics 2, and have instructor approval to enroll in Tribal Basics 3.

Advanced Fusion – This class focuses on learning advanced tribal fusion skills that incorporate improvisation, floor work, sword work, advanced combinations, and choreography. Dancers in this class are both the principal and lead dancers of the Anam Cara Dance Company performance group, who have proven their skills and dedication in Tribal Basics 3 and have a passion for performing. Advanced Fusion students are required to take Tribal Basics 3 in addition to this class. You must complete several sessions of Tribal Basics 3, and have approval from the company directors and current principal and lead dancers to enroll in the Advanced Fusion class.

Tribal Basics ALL LEVELS REVIEW -- This class is a specialty class where dancers of all levels will focus on the basics; such as hand movements, refinement of basic step techniques, posture, and dance formations. We will also get plenty of dance time in so every dancer will be able to reach a new level of confidence within their improvisational skills set. The ONLY prerequisite for this class is to be currently enrolled in a Tribal Basics 1 class, or have completed a Tribal Basics 1 (8-week session.)

Studios are located upstairs in the 
Red Barn

4415 Eldridge Street
Golden, CO 80403

Red Barn

One mile west of I-70 & Ward Road on the corner of 44th & Eldridge